What do women look for in men?

women-look-for-in-menThis question has been eluding men for decades now. Women are very complex beings, often relying more on emotions than being practical. Men and women have a different way of looking at things. This is what makes things interesting when it comes to men trying to woo their woman.

Men believe that women function as they do. Therefore, because they are attractive to their woman, they feel the job is done. A man usually looks for physical attraction atop of other things in a woman. However, it is not true when it comes to women.

Women have become even more selective these days, because of their new position in the world. They are no longer only meant for cooking and having babies. They are doing something with their lives and therefore, they have raised their standards for men too.

What turns women on?

Wealth and status have always been great turn-ons for women. It is not that all women are gold diggers. However, women generally tend to seek security in a man. They need to make sure that the man is trustworthy and able to keep her, not that she cannot do so herself. However, it is an innate thing that women seek. If they find a man who might not be wealthy, but they seem to feel secure in his presence, then he will be the man for them. Therefore, the essence is that women seek security.

Good looks are also a turn-on, but only enough to get her to talk to you for a minute or two. She might be interested in your good looks but she will soon lose interest if you have nothing else to offer. You might even be surprised to know that an intelligent woman might not even be looking for a muscular weightlifter.

Cleanliness in a man is sure to attract a woman. Men have always had the impression of being the dirtier of the two. Therefore, if you are clean and care about your personal hygiene, she will love that. However, it is not necessary to go over the top with this. Keep your breath fresh and use some deodorants if you tend to smell.

Even though today’s woman has carved a niche for herself in the world and she stands no less taller than any man, she still likes to be cared for by her man. Women love the little gestures, a little chivalry, opening a door for her, pulling out her chair, making sure she is comfortable. These things turn her on.