What Essentials To Pack For Your Hospital Stay

hospital-bagExpectant mothers, especially first-timers, have plenty of trouble determining just what to pack for their exciting hospital stay.

We have gathered a few pointers to help you make this job a breeze. After all, you have plenty of other things to focus on during this new adventure of your life.

Most important, you should pack two suitcases bag for your trip. One will accompany you to the labor & delivery room and the other will be left in the car until after you give birth and go to the postpartum room.

The first suitcase (for the labor and delivery room) should contain the following items:

2 pillows enclosed in colored pillowcases (so they will be distinguishable from hospital pillows).

Comfortable bedroom slippers and/or socks (2 to 3 pairs).

2 wash cloths.

1 lip balm (or lip moisturizer).

1 or 2 elastic ponytail holders or headbands (especially important if you have long hair).

Electric or battery-operated fan.

Hand held mirror, comb, and hairbrush.

Small pad of paper (or notebook) and pens or pencils.

Portable camera (with batteries and plenty of film).

Phone numbers (of family, friends, and co-workers)

Loose change (for the vending machines).

Snacks (for your partner).

Radio or CD player (and CD’s).

Baby book (to fill in important details that might be forgotten later).

The postpartum suitcase should contain, not only the items from the other suitcase, but also the following:

2 comfortable gowns and a robe.

2 nursing bras (make sure you have the correct size).

Cosmetics and toiletries (make-up, make-up remover, moisturizer, shampoo, conditioner, soap, toothpaste, toothbrush).



Any medications you have been ordered to take.

Outfits for both mother and baby to wear home from the hospital.

Both suitcases need to be prepared 2 weeks in advance just in case you go earlier than you planned. Keep a list of items that need to be put in at the last minute in one of the suitcases and don’t forget to check it before you leave! Congratulations on your up-coming delivery and new arrival!