What makes a good friend

good-friendOne of the best elements of life are friends. They are God’s gift to us. They are with us in good times and don’t leave us in bad times. We choose friends who match our particular characteristics. We like to hang around with people who have interests similar to us. We talk, share, fight and cry with them. More than our family, we share time with them.

Our friends are our energy. When they see us down and isolated in our busy lives, they come through. Though it would be rather monotonous to explain a good friend’s qualities, yet my observations made me try to combine a few very necessary elements of a good friend that might not be agreed by all.

First of all, with all the transparent faults, you must completely accept one as a good friend. Don’t try to change your friend for the sake of your compatibility. Be it to ask for help or to share a secret, you must depend upon him with full confidence.

Another element is togetherness. Whether you are free or busy, in all times your friend remains with you for selfless support. Even after knowing your decision of choosing a wrong way and after making you understand, your friend would always be found behind you for help.

Honesty being the other element, a true friend will always honestly make you realize your weaknesses with a healing intension to cover them up. In rare times of completion, true friends will never allow the competition to affect the friendship.

Without explanation also, your sadness can be caught by your friends. A good friend will have to remain patient so as to understand you fully. Your secrets signs and your fluctuating mood all can be traced by your good friend. Friends help, encourage, listen and still love you for who and what you are.

‘Not for the world but for me he is the most caring person and can do just anything to wipe off my tears. Not for the world but for me he is the biggest absorber to listen my crap in my times of frustration. Whenever, normally, the temperature rises between us,
He doesn’t mind to approach me with a will to move further without looking back. He reviews my fault with such careful word, which just does not hurt me. This way, the average person to the world, manages to be the perfect person for me.’