What Makes Sex Life of Some Women Just Fantastic!

The most common mistake that women make in their sex life is to wait for the man to initiate things. Times have changed and men are no longer solely responsible for shaking the sheets, they never were (actually).

So what is it that these “other” women do that makes their sex life so envious? Read on to know these tips.

Guide Him

It is your body and you know your buttons. While he is trying to caress your private parts guide his fingers to the place you want them to be in/on, etc. The man will get more excited knowing you too want to have a great time and you are ready for complete participation.

Feel Like a Seductress

Apparently, it is easy to turn men on. Feel powerful and seduce your man by initiating things. Whisper something naughty in his ears or change your clothes seductively in front of him. Chances are high he will not let you put on your clothes.

Having Enough Confidence to Flaunt

Even though you don`t have the sexiest body on this earth you can be extremely attractive if you carry yourself with confidence. Your sex appeal is skin deep, feel it.

Mastering his Spots

For foreplay do necking, chest kissing and biting gently on his ear. These are his hot spots. He is extremely sensitive below abdomen and inner thighs. Gentle stroking of his penis can simply make all blood rush to his lower body.

Understand his body and you will have him in control.

Suggest Sex more Often

Bring up the topic more often and at unpredictable places. It is all about turning on the man. When he sees your excitement he wants to try harder to satisfy your desires. Men like to express their love by giving their lady ultimate love-making sessions. Your participation will greatly arouse him and you will have a great sex for sure!

On-Mind, Always!

Keep yourself in mood more often. Allow stuff around you to remind you of sexual activities. For example, bananas and ice cream cone remind of penis.

This will save time on lengthy foreplay that women need to get them started. They key is to enjoy sex and take the charge.

After all, if you have the “love handles”, you might as well use them.