What to Avoid in Dating

what-to-avoid-in-datingDating someone can be the most fulfilling and enjoyable time of your life. You spend all your time together, recollecting memories and sharing beautiful moments together. Suddenly your date becomes the centre of your life. You spend amazing weekends all the time talking about your hopes and your future. It feels as if the world has come to a standstill and you wish you could freeze each and every moment of yours together.

Then you find yourself thinking constantly about your date. You become anxious if you are not able to contact her everyday. You start to worry if your date does not call you for a day. Suddenly, you feel jealous every time you hear him/her talk to somebody else.

You start feeling that you are getting more and more needy and clingy. You are not giving enough room for the relationship to blossom. Instead of that you are trying to crowd in too much on your date’s personal space.

You need to check a few behaviour patterns on your side.

Do you cross-examine your date?

This is a vital question that you need to ask yourself. When you get back together after an absence, be it long or short, how do you end up? It is okay to ask about what he/she has been up to and what is going on in their life. However, do you see the questioning turn into some kind of a police interrogation? Do you tend to turn the otherwise normal questioning to pestering to the point of demanding every single detail and trying to figure it out yourself if the details are adding up or not?  And if they do not add up, do you end up carrying out a full length questioning session until you are completely satisfied?

Do you panic?

How long can you handle being away from your date? If they do not contact you in a day or two, do you go into a panic state? Do you start having all kinds of thoughts like who they would be with or that they are cheating on you and thoughts like that? Do you feel like you will not be able to go one more minute without checking on what they are up to?

Do your moods change often without any real cause?

Your mood might seem different to your date as if something was wrong. They even ask if you are okay. Nevertheless, you stay away from any questions when you do confess how much you missed them, they may sense some trouble.

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, you should take a look at how you are responding to your relationship with your date. Remember, all you do by overcrowding a relationship is smother it. Therefore, give some space to your date and see your relationship blossom.