4 Tips To Do When Your Ex Keeps Calling You

Tips To Do When Your Ex Keeps Calling YouGifts have been returned and things have been made clear that it is finally over. But your ex is calling you, keeps in contact. You are wondering what is it that is left to talk about now and you no longer want to be in contact.

Here Are Certain Tips To Help You Deal With The Situation When Your Ex Contacts You.

Tell It Straight That Nothing Can Happen Now

Let him/her know clearly that moving-on is the best thing to do for both of you. Since nothing can happen now there is no use being in contact. Depending on your situation you can choose to meet either in person or tell through phone that you do not want to be in contact.

Tell It Straight That Nothing Can Happen NowMake It Clear You Cannot Be Friends Anymore

If your ex insists on being friends, say no if you don`t like the idea. If you simply agree then they may make a wrong conclusion about the whole thing. Tell clearly that you do not wish to be friends with him/her since it makes it tough to move-on. Hint that you wish to start dating new people and no longer have romantic feelings for them.

Make It Clear You Cannot Be Friends AnymoreRefuse To Take Call Or Text

Even after much explanation your ex keeps calling or texting you, do not answer them. Even if he/she says that once in a while it could be fine; do not fall for it. Something that happens once in a while may lead to becoming regular. No matter what be the frequency of the calls, voice messages, texts, mails, etc; do not answer.

Today`s modern technology provides tools to block the numbers and email IDs of people whom you do not wish to be in contact. Take their advantage.

Refuse To Take Call Or TextDo Not Show Any Response

No matter how hard he/she tries, directly or indirectly, do not entertain the actions. Anger is also a response. Act as if he/she does not matter to you anymore and you simply wish to move-on. Do not feel guilty about being stone hearted.

You had made everything clear that it is all over and nothing can be done about it. The topic cannot go on and off. It will leave you emotionally exhausted and make it difficult to start a new relationship wholeheartedly.

Do Not Show Any Response