What to Do with Oily Skin

There are many causes of oily skin. Though there are many factors that cause it, the primary is genetics. Some people tend to have more oily skin than the others. Then what matters is the diet and habits.

Good diet and healthy habits can prevent too much oil in the skin. However, if you smoke and have a lot of food that is low on nutrients, then also the skin tends to get oily, inviting pimples and such skin issues.

But there are many ways to avoid having oily skin:

The first one of course is sourced from the cause and calls for a balanced and controlled diet that is healthy and complete with nutrients. Have a lot of water and ensure that the water requirement does not go down.

Lack of water helps build toxic substances in the skin that eventually because skin problems like pimples and acne. Sufficient amount of water in the body helps prevent oil glands from secreting too much oil in the skin.

Wash your face as many times as possible, at least 3 to 4 times every day. Always use a mild cleaner and that helps keep the dust and the excess oil away.

It is suggested that you use oil free moisturizers and water based moisturizers will be the best option. Once you have washed and cleaned your face, it gets drained off all the moisture and it is vital that the skin has the minimal amount to remain healthy, and hence the oil free moisturizers must be used after a thorough face wash.

If you steam your face several times a week, you will see that there is a marked reduction in instances where your face was extensively oily. Add lavender oil, dried herbs, rosemary or parsley to the water for a fragrant steam session. This aromatherapy along with the steam helps open the skin pores and the aroma helps in opening the skin pores and helps the skin breathe easy.

You can also use a clay based face mask at least three times a week which helps in absorbing the excess oil from the skin.