What You Should Know About Yellow Nail Syndrome

Yellow nail syndrome is a rare ailment that has at times been associated with lung disease but the actual causes can be either hereditary, and the absence of lymphatic vessels, which are responsible for giving nails their original color.

This makes the nails, most of the times toe nails debris white, yellow or green and either the top of the nail or the base can be affected. This causes a slow growth rate or swelling of the hand. The nails start to thicken and have the yellow texture and also become susceptible to fungal infection.

One of the ways to reduce the chances and prevent the instances of yellow nails is to avoid smoking and any other respiratory irritants, cough suppressants etc. Any supplement of Vitamin E can be used as an effective treatment. It has been known that the treatment is not only effective but also reliable.

Since the lack of Vitamin E is what causes this, it is always advisable to enrich your system with the necessary Vitamin E that is lacking. Oral medications are usually suggested which is both safe and quite easy. If you are overtly conscious of how bad it looks, you can apply dark nail polish colors to hide them. But remember that this will only take care of the beauty aspect and should be followed up by proper treatment of the problem.

This issue can be dealt with effectively if one applies creams and lotions on a regular basis. They will nourish the nails and also will help in the removal of dirt and microbes that can augment the situation. Ensure that the nails are clean when the creams and the ointments are to be applied and use alcohol based cleansers to clean the nails. The alcohol content ensures that all microbes are eliminated and the feet are cleansed of dust and dirt as well.

To prevent the development of fungus and the continuation of the ailment, it is also advised to change the socks regularly and wash them with an anti bacterial liquid mixed in water. Also, change your shoes regularly for the same reason. Hygiene is always the first step towards minimizing any infection and also its prevention.