When Not to Color

dying-your-hairHave you ever dyed your hair and then a few short weeks later the color seems to be growing out and fading away? Or, have you ever known someone that just can’t seem to keep the same color for more than a few days? It is not a good idea to dye your hair more often than is necessary. When you change your color too often, your hair becomes brittle and will eventually fall out.

There are a few things that you can do to make sure that this does not happen to you. One thing that you can do is to test to see if your hair is strong enough to handle a dye job. Simply pull on a strand of your hair to see if it breaks without any stress on the strand. This is a sure sign that you should not be dying your hair at this time.

Another test is to feel your hair when you are in the shower. After you wash your hair and before you put on the conditioner, feel your hair. If is resembles anything but the feel of hair, do not dye. This means that your hair is already dry and by dying it, you are just adding insult to injury. Your hair could end up feeling like straw.

There are a few simple guidelines or timelines that you can follow to ensure that you are not dying too soon or going crazy with a color that you should not bother with. When you want to give a complete color change and it is a darker color, give it at least 4 weeks since the last dye job and wait at least 8 weeks if you are going to go lighter. Touchups in your roots can be done 6 to 8 weeks apart.

Remember that it is always important to test the strength of your hair before getting a box of color. If it is too weak than you need to wait. It is always better to be safe than sorry. If you are still unsure, ask your beautician or call the number on the back of the box.