Why do Interpersonal Conflicts Occur?

No matter what kind of a relationship is one into, there are differences amongst two individuals that are often evident. Many a times, these differences are worked upon and resolved and there are times when they become glaringly obvious and result in an interpersonal conflict that leaves both the parties dissatisfied and the relationship strained.

Interpersonal Conflicts Occur

It is important to know the cause of the interpersonal conflict so that a solution can be provided and worked upon to eliminate the root causes and build a relationship.

More often than not, it is a clash of ideas and opinions that snowball into a conflict that takes into account unaddressed issues that might have strained a relationship. A conflict arises when patience has run out amongst the two parties and they want to establish their view point as being correct and want the partner or the spouse to agree to it.With the same sentiment on the other side, if neither of the parties yield or come to a compromise, there is bound to be a conflict. Especially when a relationship is already strained and the two partners are trying to avoid acceptance of the fact and not addressing it can also cause a flare up.


One of the most common causes of interpersonal conflicts is the distrust amongst the partners regarding money and finances. When both the partners are earning, there are times when the transaction of a sum done by either of them without mutual agreement becomes a sore point and the distrust for the other partner begins there.When these so called “irregularities” are revealed, then each of the partner tries to emphasize his/her reasons for the use of the money and if there is a difference in opinions, then an argument can get initiated easily.There are many other factors which result in interpersonal conflicts. Another relationship of either of the partners can convert a home into a war zone. This is one of those situations, which when revealed many a times results in the end of a relationship after a bitter confrontation. The other factors include stress from office and lack of sexual fulfillment.

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