Why People Kiss


kissingKissing is a part of human life. There are many scientific theories about kissing but they all seem to be guessing. Nobody is able to say exactly what happens when a man and a woman kiss. There is one thing that we can know, that is why people kiss.

It is pleasant

The first thing is that it is a very pleasant thing to kiss. It is part of the humans hunger for the opposite sex. At the start of this hunger, there are hormonal activities that cause the man to want to reach out to kiss the woman he loves, and also the woman to want to be kissed.

Satisfies sexual hunger

Kissing is therefore a partial satisfaction of the sexual hunger of human beings. In fact, it is the beginning of the satisfaction of that drive. Kissing could be seen as the fuel that is used to drive the engine of sexual satisfaction.

Men and women must have children

Men and women are created to make love which in the end should lead to production of children. That is why kissing is very important. But it should be noted that babies are not the direct result of kissing. Kissing alone cannot make a woman pregnant. It is funny that at this day and age, there are some women who still believe that babies result from kissing.

The best way to kiss

The only kiss that is relevant and could be called so is a kiss between a man and a woman. No other simulations of that act can be designated as kissing. In a kiss the man who is created to be the one who takes the initiative is the one who mostly makes the move. For that matter a man is supposed to be taller than his woman so that as part of the initiative in him, he bends down to look at the moist lips of the woman. The woman then looks up to receive the lips of the man.

That explains why most women want men who are taller than them. In fact, there are people who say that a kiss in which it is the woman who has to bend down towards the man is not a kiss.