Winter Care For Your Skin

body-lotionThe chilling cold of winter not only makes the nature dull and lifeless, at the same time it makes your skin dull and dry as well. Winter is the time when the natural moisture of the skin is all gone. This is the time when your skin needs special care. Just follow some simple rules and you will be able to retain your skin easily. And trust me, it is not that difficult.

During winter the skin becomes dehydrated. So your main goal is to keep the skin well hydrated. The best way to do so is to drink ample water. Avoid alcohol and caffeine, as they are harmful for the skin.

Protect your skin from the sun. Make sure you apply sun block or a sunscreen when you go out. Go for a sunscreen/sun block that has SPF 25 or even more.

A hot shower sounds great in winter, but it is better to go for a warm shower than a hot one. Hot water will take away the natural oils and moisture of the skin leaving it dry and rough. Mix a bit of natural essential oil such as almond oil or jojoba oil to get the extra nourishment.

You might use soap all year long, but winter is the time when you abandon the soap and opt for a beauty bar. Two of the best ones you will find in the market are Dove and Oil of Olay. But do not use them too frequently on dry parts of the body.

During winter, good body oil is your skin’s best friend. You can also use a lotion as well. Apply body oil or lotion after showering to keep your skin soft and moisturized. You can also apply petroleum jelly to sooth dry skin. You can apply this on your face, as that will not block your pores.

Make sure you exfoliate once a week. Go for the scrub that is made for your skin type. This will remove the dead skin cells that pile up on the skin.

Follow these tips and stay fine all winter.