Winter Makeup Tips For Dry Skin

Winter Makeup Tips For Dry SkinWinter is an extra care time for the skin, especially for the dry skin. This time, the people with dry skin start feeling the stretching and uneasy dryness and have to seek different effective ways of deep moisturizing. While applying makeup also, special care has to be taken about the style and means of makeup as the wrong ones can give you a blunderbuss look.

Right products, used appropriately on healthy skin can give you the clean look in the winter season, more so because you feel the need of lighter and nude makeup as compared to the brilliant and shiny look of the summers. Here we are scrutinizing some efforts that can be used to give the dry skin the best makeup effects in the winter season.

Makeup Tips For Dry Skin During Winter

Use Lighter And Nude Shades

Keep the colors that you use for lipstick, blush and the eye shadow a rosy pink, or a nearby shade. A nude brown color is also good for those who look not so good in pinks, especially the darker skinned girls. Be it whatever, use subtle shades and aim at looking pretty and cute.


A very bold and bright look suits the summer makeup more. For the night though, you may also go for a red lipstick and shimmery eye shadows. Once you have collected these, we can move on to the proper use of them.

Moisturize Well Before Applying Makeup

The dryness may cause flakiness and whiteness to the makeup you put on. So, do make sure that your skin is well moisturized beforehand. In fact, sometime before the application, you may wash and moisturize your skin a good 4-5 times. This will make sure it stays on for a long time.

Use A Creamy Foundation

The younger skin may also skip the foundation part if they feel it will give them a better look, the mature skin though needs it to conceal any blemishes and wrinkles.

Creamy Foundation

Make sure you use a creamy one in winters, and not a dry product so that there is no question of dry patches showing after some time. And use a matching foundation according to your skin color.

Use Creamy/Liquid Eye Products

For the best makeup artistry, you have to bring on your creativity and game the best options. Just as the foundation, the blush and the eye shadow must be creamy to void any caking up on your skin.

Liquid Eyeliner

Use liquid eyeliner in place of a pencil one for the same cause and yes, do remember to put on light mascara to complete the look.

Dust Some Lose Face Powder To Finish

Not to use in the initial stages, but you will need a face powder to keep the foundation and eye makeup in place.

Lose Face Powder

So, before you finish with the mascara and the liquid eyeliner, dab a little powder on to the face, very lightly and this will act as a frame that preserves the rest of your winter makeup. The look is completed only after the powder touch up that sobers and fixes it.