Winter sanitation

winter-sanitationIts cold and the only think that would satisfy you are to sit in a warm quilt
and given a mug of hot chocolate.
But what about bathing? When in 24 hours, 48 hours or perhaps in 72 hours
do you sanitize yourself?
I knew the answer would be silence.

Mostly, summers and monsoon are observed as seasons of infection and unsanitization.
A well educated human being would try to explain logically how bacteria multiply
in summers due to optimal temperatures .
On the other hand they might go to an extend to say that the bacteria get
freeze” in winters to cause any trouble.

People, if that is the case why does a person start smelling, even in winters,
when he has not taken a bath for more than 2-3 days?
Well, simply because some bacteria can multiply even in winters.
The point to bring to your notice is that cleanliness is essential
no matter which season comes and goes.

A person I know does not change his underpants for a week!!
This might lead to infection in genitals of serious type.
Moreover, bathing will improve circulation in your body.
Mark my words. Regular bathing with lukewarm water in winters
will only make you feel less cold.

This is because of the “in sink  & “sink” theory in physics.
If we have more heat relative to hour surrounding we dissipate heat.
If we are cold to our surrounding we attract heat from it.
Many people do not wash their hair in winters regularly.
This might lead to the most common hair trouble-Dandruff.
The flakes would obviously not make you look attractive.

Right? Hair must be washed once every week to avoid any hair troubles.
Imagine you go rebounding done of your hair, especially for the season.
But if you won`t wash hair twice weekly they will start to show up flakes.
Enjoy winter with sanitation.

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