Winter Wear For Women

Be it summer or winter, girls love to dress themselves according to the latest trend and fashion. However, in winter all the lovely dresses get covered by the winter clothing. But this is no longer a problem as the winter clothing now available, is gorgeous and simply eye catching.

The right cloth can make a huge difference. The weather may be windy and cold but one feels warm and comfortable. To look good, you need to be good in choosing one cloth from the other and understanding your requirement of both making the fashion statement and being comfortable.

Choosing winter clothes for women can be too much tricky and overwhelming. Synthetic fibres can be snug and provides warmth but it cannot absorb the sweat which is produced during various active activities. There are numerous ways to make winter clothing exciting and interesting.

Different Winter Wear For Women


In India, sweater is generally the wool knit garment that is worn over the usual clothing apparel. However, in Western countries sweaters can be worn alone like the Turtle Neck tops.


A camisole can be worn inside the sweater if the neck is too deep. Long sweater tunics can also be worn over tight jeans. If it gets too cold then a coat can be worn over the sweater.


These are light sweaters with either a zipper or buttons in the front. These can be worn over regular T-shirts or camisoles when the weather is not so cold. Beautiful designs made on the cardigans attract the attention.


They can be buttoned up or can be left un-buttoned or unzipped depending upon the top worn beneath it. They are usually made from wool and are recommended by the school.


These are cardigans that have been cropped and are short in length. These can also be worn on any season to be a cover up to any sleeveless top.


They are half sleeved or 3 quartered and they have neither buttons nor zipper in the front and have to be left open. These can be used for styling than for giving warmth in winter.


These have been worn in almost every century and are still among the best style mantras. It is a popular and a tight fitting dress measuring up to one’s waist. They are little costly.


Leather jackets are in high vogue nowadays and they also give out a very cool appearance. Among the leather jackets, black, red and white colours are popular with the girls.


These are usually worn during formal meeting or the kind when one needs to look professional. Although, blazers are one of the most desired apparels, they do not suit on everyone and anyone.


To wear a blazer, one must have the personality, the right height and also the appropriate figure. Only then does the beauty of the blazer comes out. It provides enough warmth during winter and can be worn without any second thought.


In extreme winter, coats come in really handy. They are full sleeved wear and are much more insulated than jackets. The coats provide too much warmth and they even cover up your knees.


Coats should be chosen with care as long and loose coats do not look nice and feel lousy. Although maintaining the coats can become a problem they require good dry cleaning and also regular brushing to keep their brightness in place.


This is yet another popular women’s wear especially in India which is draped around the shoulder and arm. There are various types of shawl in the market. Some are laden with embroidery while the others are simple yet gorgeous. Some have heavy butterfly painting on it. The pashmina shawl from Kashmir is world famous for its beauty and ability to provide great warmth even in heavy snowy countries. Choosing winter wear is no longer a problem. Just keep the above things in mind and design your own vogue!