Women’s Hairstyles For Red Carpet

5 Easy To Follow Steps To Wavy Hair Care

There are various types of hairstyles one can adopt according to their needs and people of all ages go for it. Becoming older is natural but losing on a style statement is not the solution but it enhances the beauty. Hairstyles have become very common and a trend for today’s generation. Red carpet is something what all celebrities look forward to.

Short hair is definitely very convenient to handle and easy to style to attain a smart look. When an individual gets a different haircut for a red carpet a sexier and an attractive look is obtained and various updos can be tried on it. Extensive scope for purview and loads of exploring of skills with the scissors can be done. There are various types of hairstyles one can go for when on a red carpet and they are:

Best Hairstyles For Red Carpet

The Seductive Waves

For a perfect date long waves arouse the environment creating an aura for a perfect date. The wet locks of an individual should be first blow dried smoothly with a ceramic hair brush.


The protection spray should be used so that the hair does not get burnt due to heat and once the hair is dried the hair is then made to separate into different sections. After the separation a curling iron is used to create waves and a spray is therefore used to enhance the shine.

The Look Of A High Updo

In this hairstyle the hair is worked upon with the wax mousse in order to add texture to the wet hair and then an application of amplifier is done in order to have a good blow dry with a round brush.


A mohawk section is done to the hair and is pinned up. After the hair is pinned then the hair is brushed towards the upper side and tied into a ponytail wrenching the hair inwards with pins. In the end a spray is sprayed and a look of the pompadour is done.

An Authentic Look Of A Wrenched Bun

Here the hair is first dried with an amplifier using a diffuser and the hair is then misted with the protection spray. After the use of a hair protection spray the iron is used to boost the natural curls and then the front part and the rear end is divided into sections.

Wrenched Bun

The lower end is taken and tied into a ponytail and given a shiny look with the spray whereas the front half is given a wavy look and tucked in to the bun.

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A Serene Blowout

It gives a very simple and an austere look which is viable for a day party or a lazy weekend. The hair is first washed and conditioned to attain a smooth look. After this the hair normally blow dried gently with a round brush and at the end mousse is used for a perfect stay.

A Look Of The Polished Ringlets


An application of primer is done before a finger dry to the hair and then the hair is engulfed in the iron and twisted gently downwards in a backward movement. The repetition is to be made for the full hair and all the sections. For a perfect hold spray is misted.