Yoga Asanas For Motion Sickness

Yoga Asanas For Motion Sickness

We have all been told that yoga is great for the mind, body and spirit. It helps you to relax, find your inner peace as well as strengthen your muscles and your mind. But did you know that yoga can in fact help you with

motion sickness? If you tend to get sick while riding on a plane or even watching a video game that moves quickly, yoga can help.

When you have motion sickness, you can feel nauseas and even light headed. The room can start to spin as well as your head. This type of sickness is due from the nerves that carry the information to your brain being too sensitive. There are yoga exercises that you can perform that will help to take away the motion sickness as well as help to prevent it.

In order for the asanas to work, you need to include other practices as well, including balancing and breathing exercises. Don’t forget to include dynamic suryanamaskaras as well. You will want to start out with a clear frame of mind so begin with a supine posture and do an “aaa” chant. While standing, stretch your arms out to the sides and spin slowly picking up speed. When you start to feel dizzy, stop and then do it again when the feeling is gone. Do this for 15 minutes and complete this with shavansana.

Breathing Exercises

A few postures of yoga for motion sickness are the Sirsasana or a headstand, Sarvangasana or shoulderstand, and the Meru Prishthasana starting in the Tadasana position. Each one of these positions can help you in keeping your motion sickness under control. You will be able to finally enjoy that car ride or even find yourself booking a cruise for the very first time.


There are a few other things that you can do that will also help your motion sickness. Do not drink alcohol, be sure that your take it easy and have plenty of sleep before the trip, eat lightly and if you smoke, this could be a good time to quit. All of this should make your trip more pleasant for you.

Do not drink alcohol