Yoga Life

Yoga OutdoorsHow can yoga change your life? Where to begin? If you’re already learning yoga and meditation, regular practice is the right thing to do. In case you’re teaching yoga, from where do you start for your students? There are some who know that they need self-awareness right from the very beginning.

Once you decide to change your life, you’ve to consider the superficial limitations. That is because those limitations might not be real.  Sometimes we just feel it is a limitation. Say for instance, I feel my self- worth is low, is it real? Well, the reply is no. if you feel that you’ve low self esteem, it is because of your negative mindset.

When you’ve a negative mindset, you tend to find fault with everything and everyone. You only sit and brood and complain, instead of doing anything for the future.

The other thing about these superficial limitations is that if logic and reality is the base for your thoughts, they change over time.  Change happens with each life experience and change is the only permanent thing in life.

So once you decide to change the way you live your life, the change has to be from within. Yoga helps to get a natural balance in the mind. The balance might occur in the body first. However, changes only happen with time and practice.  One has to start with Hatha Yoga. This is the first step for yogis. People can definitely see the difference after practicing for a while.

Intangible changes like emotional, mental and spiritual well-being take a longer time to achieve and one needs abundant patience for that. For physical mastery, Hatha Yoga is the ultimate.

The prime step for a majority of us is to train the mind to become our best friend.  The reason for a major setback in human beings is self-stimulated negativity. There are numerous people and cultures who just believe that they are absolutely worthless.

This happens only when the person leading the culture passes on pessimistic thoughts.  Each and every aspect of yoga is about positive thinking. So the first thing we need to do is to change the way we think, in order to make our life better.