Your Tattoo Care Guide

Those wild crazy figures or bold foreign letters inked on your hand might add an extra zing to your personality. Tattooing undoubtedly has become a style statement among youth, but how many of them are aware of the dangers and safety measures associated with it?

Tattooing Risks

Generally, there is minimal risk in tattooing but you should always be alert before, in between and after tattooing. Sometimes risks are involved because you get yourself inked using needles and other such sharp instruments and not pens or pencils. Skin infections and other related problems might trouble some people.

Those who are allergic to inks are advised to stay out of this skin art. Pregnant women should also stay away from tattoos as their skin is very soft and as a result, the shape of the tattoo may alter. Hemophilic persons or those with AIDS should also avoid tattooing.

Hygiene is Vital

Always choose professionals for tattooing your skin as hygiene is one important aspect here. You can question them regarding the hygienic measures taken while inking. Ensure that the needles are sterilized and the tattoo artist is wearing surgical gloves.

Tattoo Care Tips

Eat well and sleep well the day before you get a tattoo. This is especially applicable for those who want a larger tattoo. Tattooing needs a lot of time and patience. It is a tiring process, if much time is involved and there are greater chances of you getting stressed out. Carry some fresh juices or water for refreshment. Listen to some music to avoid boredom. Drinking spirits or taking aspirin before tattooing should be avoided as it makes blood thin and you will bleed more during the inking process.

Try not picking the tattoo scab for a few days as it will wash out all your efforts. You can bath with your tattoo, but it is better to avoid wetting it too much. Use a mild soap to wash it, rinse quickly and then pat it with a soft towel. Do not rub hard on the tattoo area. Use some organic lotion to moisturize your skin. Your tattoo artist can help you on this.

Avoid using irritating clothes that can damage the tattoo. It is better to avoid direct sunlight on your tattoo, as it will fade it out.

With all these simple tips, make your tattooing experience a memorable one.