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21st Birthday Gift Ideas: Choose your Favorite One

Planning the right birthday gift for your friend or girlfriend? Well, it might be quite tricky, as, in 2021, the 21st birthday gift is not the same as it would have been decades ago.

Though the age has remained the same, times have changed!

So with the fresh breath of air, it is time for the best makeover to the birthday gifts. 

Let us check out some of the latest 21st birthday gifts for your beloved ones! But, before that, make sure that your gift is not only unique but has a hidden message to it. 

Before we grab the best 7 gifts for the 21st birthday, let us look into some of the important tricks we must know, while gifting someone. 

Best Hacks for Gifting Your Beloved

Gifting your beloved cannot be simpler than this if you follow these cool hacks.

i. Don’t just gift for today:

The art of gifting is presenting something that remains for a longer period of time. Gifting just for today means that it is a customary present, rather have a thought behind it. A small meaning to every gift will always be memorable. 

ii. Let your gift tell a story:

You were walking by the street with your girlfriend and her eyes got stuck on that bright handbag. She did not say in words, but you could understand she wanted it. How about presenting it to her now? Having such exciting gifting stories make the gift stay fresh forever. 

iii. Cheat a bit to make her feel glad:

Yes, cheat a bit and remove the price tags from the gift. Often, the purse would lose its beauty when she would find out, it’s worth $350. How to make it priceless for her? Remove the price tag!

iv. Keep it a surprise:

Oh, so you love cats, let me give you a kitten!” Isn’t it just too obvious? Well common! It is 2021 and she is not a noob to not understand what is coming her way. Make sure you surprise her with something, that is not only unique but is something, that is irresistible.

v. Memories are the best gifts:

Did you check out the latest Italian restaurant at the Boyce Avenue?” Why should your present only be a soft toy, a clay toy, or a what-ever-toy! How about a beautiful evening in the coolest restaurant with the best dinner and a great outing to follow it up? Make the gifts not only unique and thoughtful but touching, to have a lasting impression.

“Isn’t that too tricky for a simple birthday gift?” Wait, no right?! It is not just another birthday gift. It is the 21st birthday!

21st year is the new step toward maturity, new beginnings, and of course slowly stepping your way into adulthood.

And, do you really want to make it just another ordinary birthday for your friend?

What makes the birthday special are the presents. So, now we shall enlist the coolest birthday gifts that can help you make your buddies’ 21st birthday rocking!

And, if it is your girlfriend, these gifts will take your relationship to the next level. 

Here Are Top Seven 21st Birthday Gift Ideas

1. Hangover drinks:


If your buddies are one with the pitcher at home, they would need to recover from the hangover as well. And, if you are not someone who drinks alcohol, this could be such a touching gift, since you want them to be sober the next day as well! Hangover recovery drinks come in packs of 6, so you can share the best gift with them, this 21st birthday!

2. Fancy keyring:


Another one for the brandy amigos! As the bottoms-up challenge gets more interesting, help them not to get towed driving back to their homes! With the fancy keyring with the breathalyzer attached to them, present the perfect birthday present, that will be remembered for times to come. 

3. Candies Unlimited:

Let them spoil their teeth for once! With the wide collection of over 50+ candies, don’t hesitate to surprise your girlfriend with fancy candies and wafers this 21st birthday! The collection is filled with trendy bars like Oreo and Pop Chips that come at a handy price and cool storage place as well. Help your girlfriend stuff her face with the dark chocolate, such that she doesn’t complain the remainder of the year!

4. Steel hip flask:


Even in the valleys and over the mountains, the gargles of the beer must not stop! Do you want your buddies to be thirsty 1000m above sea level? No, right! With the coolest steel hip flasks, your friends can take the alcohol anywhere with them, and save themselves from the exorbitant costs as well! And, if they are party lovers, this might just be the perfect sip of the McDowell!

5. Gift Cards:

Gift Cards

Are you still not sure what could be the right present? Or is it that you got the invitation just a couple of hours ago and there is a paucity of time? Thinking about what the perfect gift can be?! Well, how about gift cards? Amazon gift cards are simple, unique, and perfect presents, especially when you don’t know what the other person would love. Moreover, the flexibility of the size of the card, from $50 to $200, makes them the perfect gift during the 21st birthday

6. Indoor games:


Are you still thinking that card games are dead? Then, you must not have tried Uno! What is better than Uno? Monopoly! Well, there are many indoor games, few of which take years to learn and many that can be mastered within minutes. One such game is Exploding Kittens! Minutes to learn for hours of unlimited fun!

7. Multicooker:


How about being 21 and not learning to cook? Well, that reminds me of my early 20s! It is all because I did not have a cool friend like you! It is time to show your buddy how cool you are by giving him this coolest multi cooker and invite him to the ocean of responsibilities life has in store for him! And, don’t forget to treat you once he learns the skill of cooking delicious dishes!

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