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Yoga is perfect for a person who likes the fulfillment of better mental and physical health. If you are looking for an enrichment of the soul rather than your physique, Yoga is the right option for you.

Yoga basically is flexing your body or performing a precise activity. It might help you to keep yourself fresh and healthy when you are suffering from any chronic diseases like diabetes or cholesterol.

From the Vedic era, 5000 years ago, to our contemporary lifestyle, this is an essential part of our daily life. This article will introduce you to the most beneficial yoga asanas that might bring improvement in the quality of life.

1. Padmasana:

 Let’s start with the simplest one. Padmasana is a very effective asana and improves your body in various ways. This asana

provides your lower body with high flexibility, if done regularly.

Padmasana promises to help with digestion, blood circulation in our body and to relax our lower body and spine.

The steps are simple:

a.    Sit in a comfortable position 

b.    Put your left ankle on your right thigh and vice-versa.

c.    Breathe in deeply and breathe out to relax your lungs

2. Gomukh asana 

A little bit hard to perform but very useful for the spine. This is highly effective in aligning the body and getting rid of spinal pain which is very common nowadays.

The steps are:

a.    Sit in a straight position with your right leg over your left left leg

b.    Inhale and then raise the left hand and fold it behind your back.

c.    Catch the fingers with your right arm

d.    Retain it for a minute or two.

e.    Repeat the same with the opposite limbs.

3. Kapalbhati:

Kapalbhati is a very essential asana for our daily life. It helps in the circulation of oxygen and the removal of unused oxygen in our bodies. The optimal time for doing it is around the morning time during the daybreak!

Around 3 rounds of 20 pumpings should be performed. We suggest you do this yoga after 2 hours of eating.

The steps are: 

a.    Sit in a comfortable position

b.    Exhale forcefully through both nostrils 

c.    Use the force of the abdominal muscles. 

When is the right time for yoga?

It might be a pretty disputed topic. While most researchers have said that morning is the best time for performing yoga, there has been the reason for mental peace attributed to it.

During the morning, our mind is at peace, and not worried about disturbing thoughts. As a result, we can focus deeply on meditation and yoga. But, there has been no time as such for performing yoga!

Yoga can be performed at any point in time.

But, make sure, before you decide to perform Yoga, you must get freshened up as it helps you to focus on your Yoga and get the maximum benefit out of it. 

The bottom line is nothing will be beneficial if it is not continued for the long term. Hence, to reap the most benefits, we suggest you keep doing yoga regularly to see the positive effects on your body!

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