Different Types of Stylish Women Heels

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Wearing heels might just sound cool, but there is a lot more than just the looks. A lot of social obligations followed by the dressing sense makes wearing heels a trend.

Though there could be many reasons, it might be said clearly that anatomically women are shorter than men. Thus, to match up with the height and gaining confidence, women prefer to wear heels. 

With so many types of heels present, it might often be difficult to select the right heel for them. 

While purchasing them, few things must be kept in the mind as well. 

This article revolves around what are the important points that every girl should think about, before purchasing the heel!

We will also cover the best heels, which suit perfectly for every girl across every height!

Buying guide for purchasing heels

While it might come as a surprise, purchasing the heels are not as simple as you had thought. In fact, if the right heel is not worn, you might twist your ankle and break your toes. 

Before you purchase your heels, make sure the following is perfectly alright:

Check on your weight:

Making sure that your heels are able to carry your weight is important. You must not trip after wearing the heels, and thus it gets important that you select the perfect sole for the next shoe. 

Let it be loose and light:

The heels which are tight fit might just not be perfect for you. As you might know, the loose heels will let your footrest in its place longer

Perfect size lasts longer:

Selecting the right size and the right fit is the perfect purchase. Often selecting the wrong size might end up getting into waste. So purchasing the perfect size as per your choice and design is always preferred.

Wait to shop till the sun sets:

As it might sound a bit weird, shopping at the end of the day will let you know if your shoe is the perfect fit. Often, while you have worked throughout the day, your feet swell up and this is the right time to have the perfect heel!

Types of heels you must try on!

Kitten heels:

Perfect party wear. Not looking for that additional inch, but just wish to be visible. Must try. Comes along in various fancy colors, which will fit perfectly right for your dress though!


An 8inch heel, which might be quite a discomfort for many. If you are looking to gain the weirdest height in the room, you are free to select it! It might need some skill in carrying it though!

Ankle straps:

Well, cooler, simpler, and more popular amongst their peers. Wraps right around the ankle and lets your feet sit comfortably. Available in numerous sizes, you must look one out for yourself. 

Wedge Sandals:

Shaped like that of a wedge, it helps in cushioning your feet and gives perfect comfort. The heel is well balanced, so you might not worry about tripping down as well!


With just a single sling going around the Achilles heel, they are just the perfect ones to have! With perfect stabilization and a raunchy look, you must wear it to the first date!

Bottom line:

Selecting the right heel matches best with wearing the right outfit. Make sure, your heel should not outpower your outfit, as you select the best from the lot!

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