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Face mask

Are you wondering what could be the replacement to the costly, chemical-laden face-masks in beauty parlors? Well, the answer is homemade face masks!

Having your own homemade face mask comes along with its own rich benefits. Not only is it safe and healthy for the skin, but you also don’t need to go to a parlor every time to get a facemask. 

All you need to have is a cool list of ingredients to make the face mask, and you are ready to get started!

Having the right understanding of your skin type is also essential since it helps you to comprehend the right proportion of ingredients for your skin. 

Let us learn more about the benefits of homemade face masks. We would also cover a couple of cool facemask tricks you can try out at home. 

Benefits of using homemade masks

Self-care for your skin is the best way to love yourself. Let us look into some of the coolest reasons why homemade masks perform better than others:

Understanding your routine for skincare:

While you are at home, you can create your own schedule for caring for your skin. Having the homemade mask allows you to stay at your home, and save large on the commutation costs as well.

Moreover, having your own skincare will also ensure that you know your skin better. Knowing what causes allergy to the skin and what-not, gives you an instant upper hand. 

Being consistent:

If you are dedicated to improving the health of your skin, you might not think twice about doing it regularly. Having your own homemade face mask assures that you remain consistent since you don’t have to worry about commuting to a parlor.

It is interesting to note that if you stay consistent with your skincare, visible results can be seen within the next 15-30 days. This is why homemade face masks give an added advantage.

Safer bet during the pandemic:

With the current pandemic still in full blow, having homemade facemasks is the only option left. You might just like to skip the chances of infection and contamination by visiting the parlor.

The parlors are even staying closed now, due to the shooting cases. But, this should not be your excuse for missing out on skincare.

This is why having a homemade facemask is the perfect solution.

What are the coolest homemade face masks which you should try during this pandemic?

Check out the coolest homemade masks which you must try to give your skin the best glow:

  • Using the tomato lemon puree:

    Crush the tomato into a puree. Make sure that the tomato is mashed such that no solid particles are left.

    Follow it up by adding lemon juice into the puree. Mix it well.

    Wash your face and then apply the mixture on your face. You can also apply it to your neck.

    Let it rest for 20-30 minutes, then wash away the face-mask by splashing water over your face.

    This helps to fight against tanning of the skin, thus making it glow brighter.
  • Milk Almond paste:

    Soak the almonds overnight into a jar of milk. Peel off the skin of the almonds.

    Make a mixture of the soaked and peeled almond and milk, then apply it to your face overnight.

    Ensure that you wash off the thick layer the next morning.

    It helps in making the skin glow if applied consistently.

Bottom line

Being concerned about the health of your skin is not wrong. And, having home remedies for your skin’s health is the perfect solution. As you know what suits your skin and what’s not, be your own best advisor by selecting the right ingredients for homemade face masks.

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