How to Determine Whether to Perm Your Hair?

Perm hair

Have you been wondering lately what could be the right hairstyle for you? Or is it that you are still wondering if the curls would just be beneficial any more. Well, if you have been walking right through the supermall, and the Perm box seems to be calling you right through your subconsciousness, well, it’s time for Perming!

Not many might be aware of what Perming is!

So this article talks in detail about perming your hair, as well as enlightening about when is the right time to actually perm the hair!

Oh, well did you know a perm hair can not just increase the volume but makes it look just more natural!

Perming can be the best thing you can do to your hair!

So, let us explore what perming really is!

What does perming actually mean?

Perm is nothing but the shorter form of having a permanent wave in your hair. With the help of the right and safe chemicals, curling up the hair might be the coolest trick to pull on!

It might be important to know your type of hair, while perming. If the hair is of the right type for perming, you might just get the best waves!

If proper care is taken, you must not worry about the ill-effects of perming your hair!

It could be just the right way to make your hair look attractive!!

So, when do we know that it is the right time to perm your hair! Let us read more!

Knowing the right time to perm your hair

1. Is the hair free from chemical treatment?

Well, it is important to understand the impact of chemicals on your hair. If your hair has been subject to chemical treatment previously, we suggest you not perm your hair, immediately. Harsh processing due to chemicals can damage the life and the quality of the hair. Thus, perming them would mean making the bad quality of hair permanent ones. 

2. Deciding whether to go to the parlor or DIY:

It might come as a surprise but perming your hair at home might be the coolest and the safest, compared to the rest. It is mainly due to the ease and the savings that you can make while perming at home!

3. Deciding your perm depends on your fashion statement: 

If you wish to give a proper fashion statement, you might want to give your perm the right way! Doing the perm for the party or doing it for the casual meet up, make sure your style statement is crystal clear!

4. Catch up with your hairstylist:

Make sure to dial your hairstylist just before doing your perm! Trust us, she knows more about your hair than you do!

It might be just the right number to dial before going for the perm. A trick or two up her sleeve and helping you out with the basic or the traditional perm might also be a pretty cool thing! Ain’t it?

5. Are you on meds?

Perm might just work always, except when you are on hormonal meds or are pregnant. Many hormonal factors might just not allow the perm to set well and for this, you might need to purchase the perm kit. Perm kits will eventually help you in gaining the right setting for your hair and this is why knowing your hair type is really important. 

Bottom line:

Nourishing the hair before perming is a must if the hair strands are not strong enough. The risk carried by perming can be mitigated if the right steps are taken while perming. You must remember the risks of irritation while perming, though it has reduced significantly!

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