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How to Remove Makeup From Clothes?

Makeup stains on clothes can be really disturbing! After all, it is not the place where you wanted the makeup to land! But, can you help it now?

Removing the makeup from clothes can be tedious if the right steps are not followed. Hence, in this article, we will solve some of the major issues that we face, while removing makeup stains.

Wearing the white top, and seeing the makeup roll all over it, can be a disturbing sight. It truly kills all the happiness of looking to deck-up!

It is time to slide off the worry, under the table and enjoy the makeup without fear of stains!

Though a makeup remover is a perfect solution to removing the makeup, we might need easy-to-avail alternatives as well! The ones that can be looked into your cupboard, and can be used, at any time, is a perfect way out!

When is the right time to remove the stain?

A question that might often pop up after the makeup mishap is, whether to remove it now or leave it to late! Though you might think, removing the wet makeup might smudge surrounding areas, we suggest you remove it now!

As soon as the makeup massacre takes place, it is best to start working on the removal.

Don’t let them dry, fearing to smudge. Since a dried makeup would mean that the paint and the color have gone into the deep-seated corners of the cloth.

Hence, removing the stains as soon as you notice them is the right act!

Removing the stain is best when using an oil-free stain remover. If you use a remover with oil, it might end up smudging it all over the cloth.

What items do we need to remove the makeup stains?

Removing the makeup stains would mean using the material which is not only smooth but doesn’t spread the makeup all over. As suggested before, a non-oily remover is best suited.

Moreover, an eye makeup remover is claimed to show the best results. They have proven to be efficient when used with massacre spoolie along with a towel.

Using the spoolie, you can remove the makeup in an easy way. With not much hesitation or fear of spreading the makeup, the spilled makeup from small corners can also be cleared.

Not too much of a force while using the spoolie. Simple too and fro motion works the best!

Not more than 10 seconds of spooling are enough for removing the stains.

Let it dry for some time. Post which you can start removing any leftover stains. You might also look for a hair dryer for drying the cloth, after spooling. 

What could be the in-house tips for removing the makeup meltdown?

If you have been looking for some of the coolest tips to get done with the makeup splash all over your cloth, then we have it here for you!

1. Using alcohol:

Did you just say that there was a quarter of leftover beer from the house party yesterday? And, you still want to slurp it out?


Maybe, this is the time when you say, how alcohol gets the best things done!

Alcohol, being lighter than oil, has the tendency to float above the oil. As a result, it works best in breaking the complex structure of the oil, thus reducing it to a simpler structure.

Owing to this property of alcohol, soaking a piece of cotton ball in alcohol and rubbing it on the stains is always the best way!

Get your stains removed, and enjoy the remaining of the quarter as a celebration!

2. Give the stain a beardo experience:

Now that shaving is no more the coolest look in the town, it is time we find new uses of the shaving cream! Shaving cream when applied over the stains is found to be efficient!

Apply little shaving cream over the stain. Let it rest for some time. And, then wash it away with water. Get your stain-free cloth in less than 15 minutes.

3. Using a hairdryer the right way:

Have you still been worrying about the powder stains on your cloth? While you might be looking for a tone-up, you just made the red scarf white! And it surely doesn’t look appealing!

Now, get the best of the solutions to this minute problem!

How to ensure that your hair dryer works the best in this case?

Just blow the hair dryer over the red scarf and enjoy as the powder gets removed from your scarf. Don’t wipe the scarp with a wet cloth, as the red scarf might soon turn into a white-red rug! Avoid wiping at any cost. 

Bottom Line:

Having a clean cloth free from makeup is the only dream a girl has while putting up the makeup. Cleaning the makeup stains can be pretty cumbersome. But, if the right guidance is taken, you can be sure that the stains will no more be worrisome!

Enjoy stain-free makeup, the next time you are getting ready for the birthday bash!

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