Nail Polish Tips Helping It Stay Longer

Nail Polish

Making the nail polish stay longer over your nails might be pretty tricky!

Have you tried out all the best methods to make the colorful paint stay a bit longer?

Yet, did you feel all too futile at the end, with the polish fading away!

Well, we got it covered for you!

With some of the coolest tricks, not only can you flaunt your nails a bit longer, but can make you feel confident as well!

What’s interesting is, none of these tricks or tips are going to harm your health!

So, without much delay, let us jump straight into the topic!

Doing it over once in a week:

Making the nail polish stay longer, can only be possible if you repaint it once again! Repainting the nails once again, every week will help your nails to look bright as well!

Moreover, if you want to keep your nails shining, coating it once, every 5 days is not a bad idea.

Using the thinner coats of the polish makes it durable. It prevents the polish from drying up pretty soon, which makes you feel awesome as well!

While at home, use the gloves:

Chores might just erode the nail polish faster than you realize.

So, what could be the solution!

Using the gloves protect the fingernails for a lasting time as well! Make sure the gloves are not too sticky or tight to the fingers as well!

Protect your fingers while washing the dishes with detergent, and prevent your polish to be washed away!

Having shorter nails may just be perfect:

We all love long nails, especially showing the dark red polish over the nails feels just so perfect!

But, it may come as a surprise, that if you are looking for a long-lasting polish, shorter nails are just perfect!

With the nails dashing and bumping less with the other items while doing the chores, the chances of the nail getting removed are less.

So, shorter nails can be perfect for longer polish!

Move on from the 15-minute drying:

Having the wet polish might be a strict no-no. So, make sure you don’t neglect the drying of the polish!

We do understand the excitement of applying the polish and showing it off to people!

But, it is better to not be too hasty about it!

It is time you move on from the 15 minutes drying of the polish and get the excitement of longer nail polish over the shorter nails!

Cuticle oil is the ultimate cure:

Drying up of the nails causes the wear and tear of it! So, what could be the ultimate solution?


Yes, and the only way to get the moisture on the nails will be through the cuticle oil. Cuticle oil enhances the quality of the nails, as well as make the polish stay longer!

So, next time, keep your nails moisturized by applying a cuticle over them!

Bottom line:

Make sure that nail polish, which stays longer, always gets along with the perfect outfit! A pair of matching dresses, always accentuate the beauty of the polish!

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