Waxing Sensitive Skin at Home

Is your body hair irritating you, but shaving it is not the right solution? Waxing during the pandemic, in the parlors, is not an available solution. So, what could you do right now?  Having sensitive skin and looking forward to getting your skin waxed might be just too difficult. Thus, having your skin waxed at… Continue reading Waxing Sensitive Skin at Home

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Homemade Face Masks

Are you wondering what could be the replacement to the costly, chemical-laden face-masks in beauty parlors? Well, the answer is homemade face masks! Having your own homemade face mask comes along with its own rich benefits. Not only is it safe and healthy for the skin, but you also don’t need to go to a… Continue reading Homemade Face Masks

How to Choose Womens Pants

Choosing women’s pants has become more complicated now, compared to a decade ago! With the race to snap the best selfie sharing the coolest fashion statements over Instagram handles, transforming styles is keeping everyone on their toes! With every occasion demanding a new set of pants, starting from the casual to the ethnic ones, we… Continue reading How to Choose Womens Pants

6 Effective Treatments for Discolored Skin

Discoloring of the skin might be a problem for many! The reasons for the discoloring might range from hormonal changes to burns and fungal infections. Firefighting them might become way too difficult if you are not very well aware of the remedies. Having the right medication and guidance is important while treating discolored skin. One… Continue reading 6 Effective Treatments for Discolored Skin