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Top Five 40th Birthday Gift Ideas for 2021

40th birthday is always a very special one for every kind of relationship. Covering 4 decades successfully, when you are 40 years old, it is the true test of well-being, love, and support.

Gifting your beloved the perfect gift during the 40th birthday might just be tricky if you don’t know much about the person. But, if you have spent a good amount of time, it is assured that you will be able to catch the nerve of the person. 

In this article, we will explore some of the coolest presents you can give to your beloved during their 40th birthday. 

But, it is interesting to find out what is so special about your 40th birthday. 

Let us explore that in this article, as we delve deeper into the most meaningful 40th birthday presents for your near and dear ones.

Why being 40 has a special significance?

Being 40 sounds more like covering 50% of the 800 m sprint, wherein you need to rethink the future plans. Reconsidering the finances, life goals and re-analyzing the right strategy for retirement planning is the new theme after you cross 40 years. 

It is also an early sign that you are aging up as well. Aging is a good thing, but often, the dark circles and the wrinkles might never go down well. And, if the grey hairs haven’t shown up yet, you try to worry about them as well!

So, what is so nice about being 40?

It is the new state of living! The newfound experience of crossing 4 decades, and registering yourself into the elite club of a veteran. 

So, why shy away from the party even in the 40s? How come you discount the happiness just on the basis of a couple of digits?

What makes the 40th birthday even more special is the agelessness that you experience at this time. Starting a new journey towards understanding the deeper meanings of life will slowly encompass you.

Growing compassion, transpiring altruism, and escalating reality strike at this age, and this is why the 40s is considered a new life. 

What should we think about while gifting on birthdays?

Gifting is an art in itself. We should not think about gifting, just to be a compulsive societal custom, instead, we must acknowledge the thought that giving a gift has.

A thoughtful present talks volumes!

So, here we shall explore some of the must-have points in our checklist while selecting the present. 

Respect the age:

It is important that your gift should not be too much out of the way. Gifting a manometer in the 40s might not come out to be a pleasant surprise. Similarly, if there is no baby in their home recently, avoid gifting baby products. Understanding that age is an important factor while gifting your best friend. 

Thought behind the present matters:

It is not always about what you are gifting to someone, but the thought behind the present. On my 24th birthday, my younger brother, just 11, presented me with a letter. In the letter, he shared how much I mean to him. 3 years have passed since then, but I still carry it in my wallet. The gift was priceless, and no money can buy such a thoughtful present. 

Don’t show off your wealth:

Presenting someone with a very costly gift, which might be way beyond their league might just not be taken appropriately. Recently, I went to my best friend’s birthday party. My friend used to work as a part-timer in a food joint along with her graduation. The party was going great until a guy presented her with a Hyundai latest model 4-wheeler. Not only was it awkward for my friend, but they also got the city talking for the next couple of months!

List of the best gifts for 40th birthday

What could be the perfect present then? Being in the 40s is a tender age, and it is the time to revisit the old memories now!

1. Photo album:

Right, in this time of smartphones, who would use a photo album? Are you not thinking the same? Well, when someone is already 40, don’t you think they have had their share of Kodak life before switching over to Apple’s dual-lens cameras? This is where preserving the old memories will come to play. A perfect photo album speaks a multitude of memories, that even a clay cup cannot. 

2. Going the Pitcher way:

How long will your buddy be drinking the red wine on those plastic mugs? Time to get him bottom’s up in the perfect new wine glasses. A pair of perfect crockery sets also work out the best, if he is into cooking delicacies. 

3. BBQ Grill:

How about spending the night together at an excellent restaurant? How about making your home the new restaurant and having the best BBQs regularly? If you have been married for a long time now, it is time you turn your married life spicy with the coolest BBQ grills and weekend dinners. Isn’t it awesome?!

4. Designer candles:

Home decor is the next important thing that takes over your life in the 40s. Why? A great ambiance helps in reducing anxiety and making the situation a lot easier. This is where designer candles with excellent scent make them excellent presents.  Designer candles shower the glow that can enlighten your entire home and make your life a lot more simpler! So, why not make it the perfect 40th birthday present?

5. OTT Subscription:

How about staying in sync with time? OTT subscriptions are gaining the new rage and how about a 3 year OTT subscription, sponsored entirely by you! Now, enjoy the coolest birthdays with your best friend, along with enjoying some thrilling OTT shows!

Bottom line:

The main aim of having birthdays is not just conviviality and gathering. It goes beyond that. It is about creating a connection and counting the memories which you have spent together.

How you can make their birthday special is through immersive efforts and priceless emotions captured in tangible forms, speaking volumes of the timelessness. 

Hope you have enjoyed this article. Read this article to get an idea about 21st birthday’s trending gifts.

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