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Want to Be The Makeup Artist? 6 Tips for You

What should you do, when people around you wish to look beautiful? No matter how many extravagant filters come up, the happiness of looking beautiful, true looks never fade!

So, when people just want to look beautiful, you know it’s time to be a make-up artist.

With the make-up artists earning close to $50/hr, it can be a modest beginning or a perfect hobby.

So, if you are still taking the baby steps to become a make-up artist, here is the article to help you have the perfect beginning.

A proper degree/diploma always has an edge over the amateur. But, what matters, in the end, is the skills you possess.

With the right skills, you can aim to rise to the top, without worrying too much. Without the degree, you might start a bit on lesser earnings, but the learning will be great!

So, without much adieu let us find out how to be a make-up artist!

1. Learn from the greats:

30% of the learning comes from observation. When we observe, we learn even more. Check out the videos of the legendary make-up artists who have created wonders before you. Learn the art by watching their videos. Make sure that you practice them after learning.

You can try the new color or makeup combinations as you learn along. It is important that you don’t stop trying out new combinations or practicing what you learn. As you practice more, your hand gets more skilled, thus the initial shaking reduces as well. 

2. Be ready to intern pro bono:

Work experience is always counted to be a boon. If you are starting afresh in your career, it is best that you take up some internships where you can showcase your skills and even learn further.

Internships are always the best way to learn. Not only do they give enough exposure, but you also get the chance to network. Greater is your network, easier it will be to rise in your career.

So, every time when you decide to venture into a new domain, it is always best that you start with an internship. 

3. Create your own style:

While you are learning the art of make-up, it is also important to contribute something to the domain. What is the best way you can do it?

Once you create your own style, which will take time to develop, you can let it be your trademark. A style, which is your trademark, will always help you to gain prominence.

Moreover, having your own style separates you from your contemporaries. It also enhances the chance that your work gets recognized more, thus helping you to establish your name further. 

4. Enroll in formal classes:

A diploma/degree always goes a long way. If you were thinking to accelerate the career graph, a formal degree helps you in getting ahead of time. Moreover, having a formal education enables you to build connections with future make-up artists as well.

Stressing on the network, because in the 21st century, it is the network that really matters.

Moreover, understanding the techniques, along with getting a theoretical bent to it, always enhances your knowledge.

Having a formal education makes sure that you can get back to academics in the latter half of life.  

5. Get online and let people know your work:

Personal branding is getting important in this era of globalization and digital explosion. At this time, it is important that you build a formal portfolio online.

An online portfolio, where you can market your work, is actually the best starting boost that your career needs. Moreover, it is also important to be available on social media handles.

Instagram has more than 13% of the world’s active social media users. Posting images of your work can help you build your brand!

Moreover, an online portfolio is something that you can carry, anywhere you go! Hence, the best thing to have during your starting years!

6. Take care of what you wear:

Being a makeup artist can be pretty difficult, especially when you have to keep standing for long hours. Standing for long hours can lead to painful and sleepless nights.

Moreover, it is also important to keep balance while you are working.

Keeping these things in mind, if you are a woman, wearing heels is strictly a no-no. Pointed heels often lead to increased pressure on your heel.

And, this can lead to painful nightmares both at the workplace and even at bedtime.

Wearing flats is always best, while you are working with the brush!

Bottom line:

The most important thing which is needed for making a career in the make-up industry is perseverance. It might often happen that the starting payout might not be encouraging.

Since it is not a domain like engineering or medical, it might not shoot you to fame, overnight. But, as long as you love doing something, it is important that you keep improving daily.

1% improvement daily, can have a compounding effect!

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