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Want to Be the Sweetheart of your Boyfriend ? 5 Tips for you

With relationships becoming more and more competitive, and life becoming complicated, being the best person to someone means a lot. Being the first priority in someone’s life is often a blessing and this is why being a good girlfriend is what every girl in a relationship wants to be.

No relationship is about one person.

There are two people in every ideal relationship, and both of them need to put in equal efforts to make it successful.

Being a good girlfriend simply doesn’t mean giving the needed support or showering with gifts.

This article explores some of the cool tips to never lose your boyfriend. Make sure that this is not something that can happen on a single day.

To be a good girlfriend, you need to internalize the change within. Once the change becomes a process, it becomes a habit, eventually.

But, before we delve into the ways to become a good girlfriend, let us find out what are the major issues reported by the couples. 

Major problems boyfriends have with their better half:

Guys try their best to save their relationship, even during going through tough times. Yet, there are certain issues that can be worked out between the couples, which the guys have shared repetitively:

i. Not giving 100%:

One of the major issues reported is that guys feel the lack of dedication by their better half in terms of dedication. The lack of love, felt by the guys, is a major concern for failure in many relations. Gestures that show a lack of effort have reportedly made the guys insecure about their relationship.

ii. Failing to accept the reality:

Not everyone is perfect. Initially, when the relationships start, it might be easy for both of them to appreciate the differences. Eventually, the relationship turns out to be stagnant, monotonous and this is when the flaws in each other seem too obvious. Failing to accept and acknowledge the reality is an elephant in the room. 

iii. Willing to not be accountable for the relationship:

Relationships are not a one-way street. It is a two-way lane where responsibility, taken by both the people, is essential for sustenance. It has also resulted in the failure of multiple relationships in the past, so it needs to be rectified as well. 

iv. Over expectations:

Guys have always cribbed about the unending expectations from their loved ones. But, it needs to be addressed at the earliest. Setting the expectations, and making it clear with your better half is always the best way out of such confusion. 

v. Lack of face-to-face communication:

Times have made all of us shift to online mode. Starting from our jobs to our relationships, the publicity of our personal lives has resulted in a growing discomfort in real relationships. The relationships that last beyond the touchscreen of smartphones and beyond the emoticons of WhatsApp messages are the ones that last longer. 

Dealing with relationship problems might need effort from both sides. So, if you are looking forward to being a good girlfriend for your lover, you might love to read further.

Check out 5 key ways to be the best girlfriend, and mean the world to your lover within the next 6 months. 

1. Understanding the emotions:

What makes a girlfriend different from any other friend is empathy and understanding of emotions. Not every emotion can be articulated. This is when you can be the support to your lover and behold them in your perch. Respecting the emotions of your lover is an integral part of any relationship.

2. Be emotionally strong:

It is important to have a backbone, such that you can stay strong even during the toughest times. Being in a relationship doesn’t mean you lose your identity. A good relationship is one that stands on the grounds of strong willpower and beautiful individuality. Ensure that your emotional strength is strong enough to give your lover the needed backing during tough times. 

3. Call at least once a day:

If you are in an LDR, it might just be the most difficult time to stay away from the messages. Yet, you need to understand that texting just doesn’t serve the purpose. It is important to get on a call with him, such that true emotions can be understood. Moreover, calling has an added advantage over texting, if you are smart enough to understand the non-verbal cues. A better option is to go for a facetime, instead of simply texting. 

4. Share a hobby:

Being a good girlfriend just doesn’t mean being supportive all the time. You also need to be playful. Often sharing a hobby is the best way to be playful and enjoy some time together. As you share the hobby, you get to know the other person better, and you also learn the art of teamwork. In this manner, you can also test the dynamics of you, as a couple, that can help you to grow your relationship further. 

5. Not trying to change him:

Last, but the most important part of being a good girlfriend is to ensure that you don’t try to bring about a change. You are no saint to make everyone’s life an abode of purity. If there are certain fault lines, it is better to appreciate them as a part of the sculpture. Instead of trying to change the other person, it is important to appreciate his simplicity, innocence, and originality. Making him comfortable around you will help in sustaining the relationship even further. 

Bottom line:

Some of the major DON’Ts while trying to be the best girlfriend is:

1. Abusing your boyfriend’s parents

2. Taking your boyfriend away from his friends

3. Poking into his professional life, when not needed or called for. 

4. Not going dutch. 

For every relationship to be successful, both the players have an important role. As the relationship grows stronger with time, people change and this is when the change has to be good for both of you. 

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