What Is Best to Clean Walls Besides TSP?

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Cleaning the walls before painting must be on your checklist. If you are looking for stainless walls, with long-lasting paints, cleaners are the best options. Previously, TSPs used to be the market leader as wall cleaners.

But, lately, the story for TSPs is taking a downward turn.

With so much negativity around the corner regarding TSPs, we are looking for a replacement for a TSP cleaner.

What is the negativity all about?

Truly speaking, it is all about eutrophication!

Well, don’t get burdened by the heavy technical jargon. Eutrophication is the clogging up of the water bodies such that there is no growth of aquatic life.

The water layer gets covered by nutrients, as a result of which the sunlight cannot reach the bottom. Such structural changes lead to the excessive growth of algae.

They inhibit the sunlight from reaching the bottom of the water body. As a result, there is controlled aquatic life that leads to the lake dying off eventually. 

What are the alternatives to TSP cleaners?

  • Borax is currently regarded as the better alternative to TSP cleaners. Another alternative to the TSP cleaner is acetone.

    Borax is to be added to lukewarm water. As the borax settles down, stir the borax in the lukewarm water with a non-reactive stick to make the liquid borax. You can use it to clean up the walls.
  • Acetone can be used directly in liquid form. You can spray the acetone from the bottle on the surface that needs to be cleaned regularly.

    They don’t come along with any harmful negatives. If you have been worried about the side effects of the TSP, they could be the perfect alternative.
  •  Other than the above two alternatives, always start cleaning with water. Water is the gentles cleaning solution available. Sprinkle the water at equal intervals on the stains and experience the perfect cleaning results.
  •  If water is not sufficient in cleansing, you can also use the soapy solution in water. It will enhance the hydrophobic stains to attach to the froth. In this manner, the stains will be removed from the walls.
  •  Making a mixture of vinegar, baking soda, and ammonium with a gallon of water is also a better solution. Washing the walls with a sponge soaked in this mixture enhances the effectiveness of the solution.

What could be the health hazards of using TSP?

The major health hazard could be the irritation of the body parts when coming in close contact with TSP.

When TSP comes in close contact with the skin, it might lead to irritation of the skin. While using the TSP special care needs to be taken such that they don’t come in close contact with the eye.

Corneal damage is one of the worst aftermaths of TSP exposure. Inhalation has shown results of respiratory irritation and further damage, thus making it difficult to be cured.

Effectiveness of the alternatives

The alternatives of TSP are not as effective as TSP. But, when it comes to safety, there is no compromising with it. Hence, with the US regulations ramping up against the use of TSP, it is better to practice using the alternatives for wall cleaning.

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