Trivago Girl

Who is the Trivago Girl?

Are you too curious to know who the Trivago girl is? Seeing a Trivago ad every time on your cell phone and wondering, is she associated with Trivago?

Well, it is time we delve a bit deeper into the life of Trivago girl, Gabrielle Miller.

Gabrielle is born in Australia, but she has her backpack ready to travel across the world! With her megabytes of clicks across desserts and poles, and her pages of passport filled up, she is the ultimate fit for a hotel booking company, Trivago!

Calls herself to be a nomad, she gives a vivid look into her experiences of traveling across the world. With her wide experience as an actress, dancer, musician, and puppeteer, she can certainly wear numerous hats!

Gabrielle Miller’s Stint With Trivago

Gabrielle was initially roped in as a replacement for the Trivago Guy, Tim. But, she soon became the face of Trivago. She cites that she has shot close to 20 commercials across Germany and Australia.

Though not all the commercials have been released, the ones which did, made her the new charming face of the travel booking site.

Her story for the invitation to the audition is quite interesting.

She shares that while she was Crete, working on the script of another project, she got the offer for Trivago.

While filming her audition in the nude beach, she shared that her trick was to avoid bare bottoms. Claiming that it has helped her to land the deal, is a trick all aspirational artists must take note of.

The hotel aggregator has praised her contribution to them, thus stating it has increased the number of visitors to the website. Claiming that the hotel price comparison has increased on their website, the ad campaigns can be deemed as successful. 

Personal life of Gabrielle Miller

Gabrielle Miller has gained her knack for traveling from the early years. She said that she has grown up traveling in caravans with her family, creating awareness for breast cancer.

This also led them to travel to remote communities. Further, after being born in NSW, she finally settled in Cairns to complete her education, till 17.

In her professional career, she is a part of the musical band, Zap. Zap, as described by her, is a perfect mix of Jazz and Swing music that has gained some prominence.

The band was formed while she was in Berlin. Being in Berlin, she could also get a chance to travel to places, which makes her the perfect poster girl for Trivago.

Currently, she is married to Jeffrey Campbelltown. Not much is known about the net worth, Gabrielle. Though, an estimated net worth of $1-3 million can be said.

Besides being a part of the band Zap, she has also worked in numerous well-acclaimed movies. Some of her appearances are included in movies like Fassbinder, Faust, The Outback Motel, and many more.

But, her global fame can only be attributed to the Trivago commercials. Trivago commercials get aired in New Zealand, UAE, UK, RSA, and many more.

Bottom line:

As Gabrielle, herself says, it is pleasing how people around her in London and the UK recognize her. She embraces fame, yet her humility is praiseworthy.
We wish her all the success in future endeavors.

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